Wieland Electric

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Wieland Electric is a leading international manufacturer of DIN rail terminal blocks, Multipole (rectangular) connectors, electronic-interface modules, remote I/O communications systems, PC board terminals and wire-management products.

Their products and custom capabilities provide unique solutions for specific application needs in industrial, instrumentation, automation, electronic, machine or process control applications.

Wieland operates manufacturing facilities worldwide totaling more than two million square feet, and was the first terminal block supplier to achieve ISO 9001 certification. Along with nationwide sales and distribution networks in Canada and the US, Wieland’s North American operation provides value-added assembly, warehousing, computerized inventory control, customer service and engineering support.

Product Overview

Wieland Product Overview (PDF 9.5 MB)

Full Catalogs

Wieland Automation Catalog (PDF, 1520 pages, 141 MB)

Best Connections 2002 Catalog (PDF, 68 MB)


Wiemarc for Plotters

Wieplan for Design

Wire Management Systems

Wire Management Systems

Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet Switch

Facts and DATA

Facts and DATA

Fieldbus Components

Bus Couplers

Fieldbus Components

Hazardous Location Products

Wieland Hazardous Location Devices - Discrete & Analog Non-Incendive Barriers (PDF, 6 pages, 3.95 MB)

Wieland Hazardous Location Devices - Flare ... Relay & Timers (PDF, 8 pages, 1.5 MB)


NLC Multifunction Timer Relays

NGG Timers

Measuring & Monitoring Relays

Timer & Switching Relays

Passive Interface

Analog Modules

Multipin Connectors

gesis RST 20i HD Z2

gesis RST 20i3 HD Z2 (30A)

gesis RST 20i HD Z2 - Catalog



RST 5 Pin Data Sheet

Ordinary Location 4-48 Pin Connectors


Power Utility Box for Din Rail


Wieland Hazardous Location Devices - Discrete & Analog Non-Incendive Barriers

Overvoltage Protection

DEHN Overvoltage Protection

DEHN Overvoltage Brochure

DEHN Guard 3 & 4 Line Version Data

Blitzductor Surge Arrester

DEHN Rail Surege Protection Brochure

Power Supplies

Power Supplies


Relays Ordinary Location

Coupling Relays Ordinary Location

Relays Hazardous Locations

Universal Signal Conditioner

Universal Signal Conditioner

Terminal Blocks

Screw Terminal Blocks

Spring Terminal Blocks


Catalog RAST 5


Solar Products


Safety Products